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We humans are blessed with an abundance of senses, but should we indulge them?

We humans have a multitude of senses including sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch which are the five traditionally recognized or primary senses, and in addition we also have other senses referred to as extra sensory perception or ESP that science does not agree on. But schools are still out on any actual definition of exactly what sense is, and sensuality is simply the use of our senses.

The burning question is how much of our lives should be governed by and how much we should indulge or senses?

Most of us indulge our eyes in the beauty of the world, this is considered perfectly normal and is encouraged as it inspires wonder and creative thinking. This has supported development the development of the sciences and is considered to be good for our soul to look on things pleasurable.

Essential for communication and negotiating our world, and is considered to be good for our soul to listen to things we find pleasurable which again is considered perfectly normal and is encouraged as it inspires wonder and creative thinking..

Taste and smell
These are acquired senses that help us determine what to eat and how to manage our environment. Taste and smell are for many, life’s greatest pleasures that may be freely indulged in and taste especially is used as a substitute for elements missing in life and leads to eating disorders, however it is socially approved.

This sense is highly controversial, we touch in order to help define our world, yet touch for pleasure has many connotations and is regulated in some societies because touch is a strong element of human communication which is also regulated.

Humanity is divided by geographic borders, political and social classes. There are those who enjoy indulging in sensual pleasure, others attempt to live austere lives of sensual deprivation. Research has shown that sensual deprivation is detrimental to not only human health, but the health of any mammalian species. Sense deprivation and manipulation is used as a torture by the US military and other forces.

What’s wrong with touch for pleasure?
Everyone loves touch, it’s nurturing and healing, it carries communication between people and yet touch for pleasure is seen by so many as wrong because it may lead to sexual arousal and activity. Some societies see it as something to be regulated against and those caught indulging incarcerated.

Such fear is the result of an inability to be fully human and to those quoting the gospels, any negativity surrounding the human body and our desire to experience pleasure is added by the authors. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and other iconic figures never said to avoid sensual pleasure. Such words have been added by social/political commentators for reasons arising from their own suffering.

Why Indulge any sense?
Like the old saying, ‘if you don’t use it, you loose it’. If we don’t look, we become blind, if we don’t listen we become deaf, if we don’t taste we suffer bad food and poor health, if we don’t smell, we lose human functionality. If we don’t touch we become isolated and this is the world we live in today.

“Life is the sum of all your choices”.
Work using an innovative experimental design in humans and rats
shows that many of the errors in those choices come from the senses,
not from cognition.”
The philosopher Albert Camus

Socially we are encouraged to indulge all our senses except touch, and especially avoid sexual touch.  However sexologists, researchers, relationship counsellors,  holistic healers and people dealing with human failure think that indulgence in touch is restorative and vital to human health.

Those affiliated by infertility,  relationship problems, chronic illnesses all improve with some form of touch therapy and in the area of human relationships, sensual touch is restorative for  relationships and sexual performance.

By indulging in one sense, the other senses cry out and when all five senses are alive, our ESP becomes clearer and more useful. Elements like telepathy and fore knowledge are awakened and the truth of life more apparent making life choices easier.  Honesty and integrity become normal as personal and social ethics are strengthened by using all our senses.

In the book Sense and sensibility, Jesus Talks to Oscar Wilde on the Pursuit of Pleasure where Oscar Wilde asks why did God place us in a world full of pleasures if we aren’t meant to pursue them all? In this imaginative dialogue, Oscar Wilde asks Jesus Christ to respond to this question about critical lifestyle choices. Their talk vividly illustrates the arguments for both sensual pleasure-seeking “and “moral moderation.

A famous playwright, dramatist, poet, critic, Oscar Wilde openly defied the mores of Victorian society. His literary repartee fuelled an ‘if it feels good, do it’ humanistic philosophy that is still prevalent in the world today and the book is considered essential reading for any teenager.

In the delightful book and movie Babettes Feast,  Babette comes to live in a small highly austere village and her gift demonstrates how the senses of taste and smell help breathe new life into the villagers.  If you’ve been suffering in some way and had a therapeutic massage and felt the relief, you will understand, but will you dare to indulge in sensual touch?

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Breasts over time like any other part of the body lose their shape, suffer from reduced circulation and breast cancer has a very high incidence often beginning in the clogged lymphatic system. Breast massage may be one of best natural methods of improving breast health next to wearing or not wearing a bra.

Breast massage benefits by

  • improving blood and lymphatic circulation lymphatic drainage
  • early detection and prevention of breast cancer
  • maintaining breast shape
  • decreasing or increasing breast and nipple sensitivity
  • releases the hormones oxytocin and DHEA
  • increases neural development
  • increases fullness and bouyancy of the bust by strengthening suspensory ligaments and muscles

Enshrined Ignorance

Breast massage

With the advent of registration, commercialization and developing political correctness within the massage industry in some countries, the female breasts have been omitted in many massage school curriculum’s. The USA is the leading protagonist against breast massage as it seems that unfortunately a large number of Americans view the breasts purely as sexual organs.

The female breasts are designed to produce the milk needed to sustain children in the first years of life but today as women are often wait until they are in their 30’s before having their fist child and their breasts confined to often badly fitting bras, regular breast massage keeps the breasts healthy for that time when they are needed to nurture.

The female breasts are made up of fatty tissue, milk producing glands, lymphatic ducts and nodes which benefit greatly from being massaged. The breasts of Western women are are more susceptible to breast cancer than women in developing cultures as they do not breast feed to the same extent and their breasts are confined to a restrictive brassier for a greater part of their lives.

It is a widely held opinion with some excellent supporting evidence that the confinement of the breasts causes a stagnation of fluids within the breasts which provides the opportunity for cancer to develop and research suggest that regular breast massage helps to prevent and assist recovery from cancers, see massage facts.

As few Western women are prepared to abandon their bras, massage may be the only solution for them to not only help prevent breast cancer, but to maintain breast health and shape. Breast enhancement massage, a discovery made in the 1960’s has found that massage can be used not only to maintain the health and shape of the breasts, but massage can also be used to to improve the breast shape and size.

For general health, self massage is something that women can do for themselves as outlined in the short videos below and breast massage may be included as a normal part of any clinical massage treatment with the clients permission although massage to the nipples should generally be avoided.

Massage of the breasts is an important element of any massage treatment that on the basis of all evidence will help to keep breasts healthy, and the massage demonstrated below can be done privately in the shower and is best performed with a little massage oil, or some soap while showering. The whole procedure takes from thirty seconds or more per breast.


Biomechanics instructions from the video above.
More on  breast massage
Breast Enhancing Massage

Tantrik or Tantric massage is perhaps best described as a ‘new age phenomenon’.

In practice it is an extension of sensual massage designed to harmonize the body consciousness with the recipients sexual energy.  While many puritans see this as nothing more than an aggrandized sensual or erotic massage, serious schools of thought have emerged and there are many credible institutions around the world that practice and teach tantric massage.

The goal of the masseuse/massuer is to bring the client to a high level of sexual arousal and have them bathe in this euphoria without the release of orgasm. Although orgasm is considered one of the highest spiritual attainments for many people, extended time in this euphoric state is said to raise consciousness, improve self esteem, awareness and communication skills.

Largely ignored by the main stream massage profession, tantra is often seen as a cult, however tantra as a spiritual path is a recognised Mahayana Buddhists with many millions of followers and is considered the ‘right hand path of tantra’. The tantra of sex of which Tantric massage is a part is considered the ‘left hand path’. The debate has been going for over a thousand years as to the validity of the left hand path as a spiritual practice, and I am not about to debate this here, however it is important to note that practitioners of Tantric practices have valid spiritual and healing experiences.

As with sensual massage, Tantric massage presents an ethical dilemma for many, however it has proven to be a useful tool for healing, reaffirming an individuals belief in themselves, or to help grow and restore relationships. It is also a novel way to explore the inner reaches of one’s own sexuality.

Massage is an important primary healing skill to possess, it is helpful in alleviating common aches and pains as well as strengthening bonds between people.

No matter where in the world you live, you can gain practical hands on massage skills by studying our on line massage manual.  Learn the art of massage therapy for recreation and the care of friends and loved ones, or commence a certified industry standard program.

This Distance Learning massage course is the foundation of all massage styles, (Swedish, Ayurvedic etc.), using oils, waxes or balms to rub the body and the benefits include relaxation, release of stress from tired and tight muscles and pain relief.

  1. Without Certification:
    Casual learning where you get access to our manual so you can study at your leisure.
    Manual access fee of $35.00.
  2. For Certification:
    Gain our introductory massage certificate which acknowledges that you are trained and are capable of performing a full body massage.
    Course fee $195.00

The Introductory Massage Certificate course includes:

  • Lifetime access to the student manual which contains hundreds of pages on massage including;
    • how to complete full body massage using oils or waxes.
    • numerous videos demonstrating full body massage techniques
  • Three x 30 minute tutorials via Skype
  • A one hour tutorial examination via Skype
  • Certificate on successful completion of the course.

Full Body Therapeutic Massage

Requirements for Certification

  • Participate in three x 30 minute tutorials via Skype.
    For this you need you massage space setup and a model to practise on.
    You must have a computer with camera and microphone so that our tutor can converse with you as you perform the massage.
    Your massage will be observed and corrections and improvements to your techniques offered.
  • A one hour tutorial examination via Skype.
    For this you need you massage space setup and a model to practise on.
    You must have a computer with camera and microphone so that our tutor can converse with you perform a complete whole body massage.
    Your massage will be observed and corrections and improvements to your techniques offered.
    You may take this exam in person at our school.
  • Complete 10 documented massages.
    Supply feedback on massages you perform, a form is supplied for you to print and is to be completed by the persons you massage and you are to add your own comments/observations of the person and how you felt performing the massage.
  • The course must be completed within 30 days following your first online tutorial.
  • Completed evaluation forms must be returned to the school; either posted or scanned and emailed.
  • Students must pay the course fee before receiving manual access.


  • The manual contains some nudity, if the human body offends you, please do not apply.
  • A 52 page ring bound class manual accompanying this course is an additional $35.00 plus post.
  • You can register for the massage manual access only and upgrade any time.To get started, simply go to the registration page, select the correspondence Option.

Our Bodies and Ourselves in Massage.

All massage is sensual and there is no such thing as a non sensual massage, its all just a game in your mind!

What most consider sensual massage is a massage that’s a bit of a sexual turn on, a massage that arouses sexual interest and socially in the right setting with the right person, its a nice recreational pastime.

The problem for therapists is in negotiating the mire of political correctness, plus the clients and our own inhibitions, negativity and judgemental limitations.

The problem for clients is they have no understanding.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.
You must learn to see the world anew.”
~ Albert Einstein ~

Massage is:

  • a natural, organic system of healing and personal growth
  • the application of physical touch to effect an improvement in the recipients well-being
  • a process of developing greater body/mind consciousness

Massage with clothing

  • is a cosmetic treatment offering limited relief.
  • supports limitation and disease.

Massage without clothing or covering

  • is a blessing
  • is empowering
  • is wholesome

The therapist is

  • a facilitator for that person in that moment of their journey
  • Supportive and non judgemental.

The massage client is

  • one seeking relief from suffering

Getting comfortable with your own body is a yogic process of self discovery and self awareness. Its a process of knowing oneself, and until we unreservedly accept ourselves including our bodies, we cannot progress in our humanity.

Today, our lives and our bodies are highly politicised. Everyone is taught to judge themselves and others which is divisive for ourselves and society. Negative attitudes, toward people, towards things, towards ourselves and our bodies are habit forming and destructive.

Facing our fears and problems associated with nudity:

  • Being seen naked
    Of course we were born naked and we were totally unconcerned about our nakedness until we were educated and taught to believe it is wrong.
    His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us, and when shall we behold you?” He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and take your garments and put them under your feet like little children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the Living, and you will not be afraid.” Jesus Gospel of Thomas verse 37.
  • To overcome being seen naked,
    Get used to seeing yourself naked in your own home and with like minded friends.
  • Getting aroused
    Who cares, really? It’s only you as long as you don’t try and force yourself on anyone else.
  • Getting caught looking
    Who cares? really, It’s only you. When your comfortable inside your own skin, it matters not who looks.

We are not here to change the world, but we are here to grow toward freedom. Freedom and improved heath and fitness in our bodies, freedom from attitudes that are so engrained, we don’t know they exist. When you consider we are born naked and leave the body when we die, the body is our vehicle, our earthly home which we need to accept and know without shame or prejudice.

Lets Get Naked!!

Whole body massage

Whole body massage

The “happy ending” tale is a common phenomenon associated with men and represents a crossover point between massage therapy and sex. Most men and the mostly women who provide this service agree that the sexual release also releases a great deal of stress and its almost a saying that any man who has had good sex does not want to fight so maybe this is a solution to violence prevention.

Spa culture around the world is dominated by women and until recently, the female version of happy endings has remained a taboo subject that few women would ever admit to, however in America Women are finally getting comfortable with the idea that it’s ok to feel erotic in what’s already an really erotic setting – warmth, soft music, nice hands rubbing your body – and the bottom line is that while we like massages, we really like orgasms, so why shouldn’t the two sometimes come together?

Food for thought ladies. Read more in massage trends.

Based on ancient Indian traditions, this wonderfully sensual full body massage is designed to move the recipient toward whole body bliss and enlightenment.

Once the knots have been worked out of the body, the massage becomes deeply relaxing and pleasurable.

The Massage
You have always dreamed about some kind of exotic massage. Desired to be touched tenderly without having to reciprocate or play silly games.

Now you can make that dream come true and I am happy to help you in this process.

The aim of tantric massage is to achieve personal growth through pleasurable, physical touch which for many years has been suppressed by religious constructs, political controls and bad attitudes toward our bodies which have developed over many generations.  We have been conditioned to view our bodies and our sexuality as something shameful and perverse.  Absurd taboos have been created that inhibit sexual expression in society. Yet sexuality is natural, it is built into our genetics as one of the most basic urges of the soul,  it is a key part of what makes us human.

Learn more here.



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